Frankfurt, In Transit

On the way back from Cannes, I had something like a 5hours lay over at the Frankfurt Airport.  From previous experience, I knew you can jump on a train and in less than half an hour find yourself in the the main Frankfurt city.  So that was just what I did again 🙂  Here’s the thing I love about Germany, everyone is friendly and everyone speaks English 🙂  I didn’t have a problem finding the counter to get the ticket, the right platform or even which train to get on and before I knew it I was in the middle of a market in Frankfurt city.

Of course, there were sausages and beer for sale.  Wine was sold by the glasses at only €2, same price as the organic apple juice I had :p  It’s kinda like Chatuchak market, German style.  There was obviously food, some clothes, some bric a brac and even livestock.

Since I didn’t read any German, I wasn’t quite sure what the bull was doing there.  It was a massive creature and in true German style, it was very clean and well built.  Heck, I turned the corner from the bull and found an equally clean and well built bunny.

I kid you not, when I say that this bunny is bigger than my sister’s little mini maltese, Wags.  I wouldn’t want to walk into him in a dark alley.  His teeth when he looked up at me, were the size of my finger nails!!  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little but that’s the image that jumps into my head when I think of this bunny now.  Giant rabbit with fingernail sized teeth!!  Think attack of the fluffy killer bunnies … … hmmm … … now that’s a film that should be made into a 3D Stereoscopic film :p  Anyway, their dogs, on the other hand, were not too different as the ones we have in Singapore and they were everywhere 🙂

Then there I was enjoying the sights, the cool European fall weather, sipping my very lovely organic apple juice and taking my time through the market when I stumbled on a bakery stand baking German bread there and then!!!

I was so excited 🙂  I love German bread!!  So I decided to buy a loaf, the baker who also spoke English kindly wrapped my bread in paper and handed it over to me.  Here’s what happened next …

Me: (lest I sound like a careless wanton without a care for the environment) I’m going to get on a plane tonight, so may I have a bag for the bread?
Baker:  On a plane?  To where?
M:  To Singapore.
B: *blink blink*

A beat.

B:  To Singapore?
M: (getting quite nervous wondering if he wants his bread back) Yes.
B: (Laughing loudly and to everyone around)  To Singapore!!  My bread is going ALL the way to Singapore!!

And he proceeds to put my loaf in an environmentally friendly bag 🙂

4 thoughts on “Frankfurt, In Transit

  1. mmm mmmm @ bratwurst!! it’s absolute good hangover food topped with sauerkraut in a roll, frikandelle is good filling alternative too.
    Deep down I really much prefer and wish it was an orh hiang with vege style bee hoon or yummy beef noodles scott’s food court style post.

  2. you just made that baker’s day didn’t you. 🙂 sigh when am i ever gonna haul pann’s ass to somewhere further that singapore’s direct neighbours!?

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