Post Cannes and Getting Back on Track

It’s been a while and there’s so much I’ve been wanting to put down for the record but let’s just say between inertia and the lack of time, my blog has suffered some neglect in the last month or so.

Here’s me trying to get back on track with an update on my recent trip to France. The thing I like abut flying through the day is being able to look out the window.  So when I was following the flight path on the plane, I noticed we were going over Afghanistan and looked out the window.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting.

But all I saw was desert, quite a beautiful desert … a desert nonetheless.  No stray missiles or fighter planes or explosions on the ground and before I knew it, there was the Caspian Sea.  What did we do before flight paths on planes told us where we are?  And after 12 hours on the plane to Frankfurt, another 1 over hour flight to Nice and yet another hour drive to Cannes.  I was back in Cannes where home for about a week was a  little French apartment overlooking one of Cannes more popular watering holes.  I’m just glad I’m the kind who falls asleep even if there are drunken  parties below my window 🙂

So I found myself back at MIPCOM, which happens annually.  It’s been something like 3 years since I was last at MIPCOM and I have to say the economic situation sure has affected the TV world.  Where there use to be great giveaways, you’d be lucky now if you find a free pen.  Everyone’s cut down on branding and it’s all about the product now, specifically just simple product listings.  Traffic was definitely much quieter.  So why was my schedule so grueling?  With money drying up everywhere especially in the financial sector, I figure people are relying more on government funding.

That’s my biggest gripe about work trips, they leave no time to enjoy the city.  So despite the wonderful weather, which by the way is completely unusual for this time of the year, I was stuck in the exhibition hall and had no time to check out the pastry shop I like so much or the shop that sells the best tailored shirts in the world or the quaint little sandwich and tea place.

It was a chock-a-block schedule that left me feeling like I never saw Cannes at all. Thank goodness for my friends who on the same trip though.  Isn’t it just great when colleagues at work actually become friends 🙂  People who you’d actually hang out with when work’s done.

On the way back to Singapore, again flying in the day *happy dance* I looked out of the window just as we are about to land.  Singapore looks so organised from the sky.

And then there was this … …

A half made bridge in the sea.  Wonder where it leads and where it comes from?  Here’s why I always pick the window seat.

Now I’m home and it’s all steam ahead for preparation for the American Film Market.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I at least get go to my favourite vegan restaurant while I’m there.  Meanwhile, have a HAPPY DEEPAVALI everyone!!!

3 thoughts on “Post Cannes and Getting Back on Track

  1. M, thank you thank you 😉 but I so have to update about my hair … … I’ll do a post just for you about it … …

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