Blood Ties

So you’re wondering if you’ll ever watch a Singapore movie?  Ok, ok, you never ever wonder that but for the sake of argument just entertain me for this post and you do want to watch a local Singapore film.  Why?  Our filmmakers are getting better, thinking of commercial hits rather than inaccessible art house flicks (though nothing wrong with those … mine would probably be the latter too) and although it may not be perfect, it is a mark improvement on what Singapore filmmakers have to offer.  That in a nutshell is Blood Ties.

Sure, in my thirty something mind, it’s way too much gore and unneccessary as well but ask someone 10 years younger and they may disagree.  Apart from that, it was a very decent story with a twist I quite enjoyed.  Pacing could be improved but on the whole, Chai Yee Wei did a great effort for his first time as a feature film director.  It is no mean feat and when you manage to pull it as well as he has done.  I say, watch the movie and judge for yourself 🙂

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