Manuka Honey

Something like 10 years ago, I was a pill popping, instant solutions type of girl.  If I had a headache, I’d pop a panadol.  Hungry?  Bring on the instant noodles, microwave meal or a drive through.  My thoughts were that we lived in the then 20th century and modern science is there for a reason.  As I grew older and started to appreciate the beauty of why you sometimes don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

Fast forward to my 30s where I don’t take medication unless I explicitly need to, usually when I can no longer stand up and finding the beauty of a freshly cooked meal.  Hence, the whole vegetarian, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.  Only because I’m in a position on the history time line to have been exposed to the the negative effects of the instant gratification lifestyle and have benefited from changing the way I treat my body.

That’s just a long intro to the title of this post, Manuka Honey 🙂  While can be expensive, something like S$50 for a small jar, it works wonders for your sore throat, which was what I woke up with at the start of the weekend.  Tell me about it?!?!  What a way to start a weekend with plans :p  Anyway, realising that I was going to have to fight something, I piled on the Vitamin C, echinacea tea, Manuka Honey with lemon and sleep 🙂  It wasn’t instanteous but slowly and surely, I’m feeling better now … just in time for work tomorrow … …