Ah Boy, The Daddy

Growing up I wouldn’t have guessed that my cousin, Gary aka Ah Boy would have been the first of us to be a parent 🙂  Thank goodness he is though, other wise I wouldn’t be an aunt.  By the looks of things, his sister, my sister and me aren’t going to be Mummies soon and the rest of my cousins are on the younger side … though one of them is getting married in November … there could be more this time next year 🙂  Wish me luck!!

Anyway, beside having the 3 cutest kids in the world, my cousin is the coolest Daddy because of this:-

It is not a fake sticky kind, it’s a real tattoo of Optimus Prime on his thigh!!!  And he has a work-in-progress Spiderman on his arm too 🙂  Yes, his friends reckon he’s going through a mid life crisis.  I’m just glad that it’s some of my favourite animated characters and not some ah beng dragon, which bring me to another cousin of mine but that’s a whole other post – how my sweet cute little Ivan is growing up to be a Casanova with yes, an ah beng dragon tattoo across his chest … …

Anyway, back to Gary, affectionately know as Ah Boy, born in the same year, we’ve shared many moments, friends and of course our sisters.  I never thanked him for the time we got our ‘O’ level results and I didn’t do as well as what I had expected of myself.  He was there, he hugged me for a long time and then told me it’ll make no difference.

I wasn’t so sure then but you know what, as life would have it, it sure doesn’t at all.  I don’t even know if he remembers that day but I do.  So thank you Ah Boy for that and now for my lovely nieces and nephew, you have no idea how very proud we are of you 🙂

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