The Proposal

Sandra Bullock is back and she’s still as funny as ever 🙂  And Ryan Reynolds … very very yummy.  So in a nutshell, I did enjoy a lazy afternoon with Zack and Resh watching what I would label as the best couple on screen this year in The Proposal.

The movie is about how a boss manipulates her assistant into marrying her so that she can get a green card to stay in the US.  Originally Julia Roberts was cast for the part but she wouldn’t lower her quote and so Sandra Bullock stepped in.  While Sandra did good, I think Julia would have been absolutely perfect for the role.  She has the more sultry older woman look.  Sandra, in my humble opinion, is a little too young for the role.  Playing Margaret, she’s the kind of cougar I could be and if I had to pick a younger man, a Ryan-seque type would so right 🙂  In real life though, he’s only a year younger than me so it wouldn’t work.  Nonetheless one can dream, so leave me be 😉  After all I had a friend once tell me that if my life was made into a movie, Sandra Bullock would probably be the best to play me.  Hmmm … both Ryan Reynolds and my husband share the exact same birthplace … ok ok ok, it’s a stretch … even I know that :p  but if I wasn’t married yet, I could so date a younger guy 🙂

Since I am, I live vicariously through a couple of friends.  You ladies know who you are and I’m so proud to have you cougar chicks as my friends 😉  I say, wear it like a badge and wear it proud!!

And if you aren’t doing anything this weekend and want something fun to watch, try The Proposal.  If not, you can be like me and watch Up again 🙂

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