Looking For Change?

Why not check out the Jobs Central Career and Learning Fair?  That’s where I was this morning.  Like they say, it’s not what you know but who you know 😉  So when you roll deep with the founder of the company organising the event, you get to walk through security with just a smile 🙂  Thank you, Shell!!!

It was fun walking around and checking out what kind of jobs are out there … … but not so fun when you realise what you can do is actually not that in demand :p  actually not in demand at all.  Yah, coming from Media and Entertainment i.e. fluff doesn’t translate to other industries that seamlessly … well, not the kind of industries I’m exploring like education or health care.  So it was all about the company, hanging out with friends, catching up and dreaming up ‘what ifs’ 🙂

I did walk past the booth of my current employer where a big group of our HR department was there, even our Deputy Director who of course, eyed me suspiciously :p  But hey, I was there to support my good friend, Shell 🙂 who I have to say did a great job with the fair, especially the website.

So all you out there who’s looking for a change, the fair is open to Singaporeans/PRs/work permit holders today and tomorrow it’ll be open to all 🙂  If nothing else, check out the Job Central booth there’s a cute teddy giveaway 😉

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