Two Nieces and a Nephew

That’s what I’m an aunt to.  A six-year-old who has no idea what will hit him when he starts primary one next year, a precocious three-year-old who for now is enjoying being the big sister and a brand new one-week-old baby 🙂  she’s such a petite one too!!

It takes so little effort to carry her that when I have to carry the other two, I realise just how small newborns are 🙂  Too too cute.  She’s mostly sleeping, drinking and smelling all nice … my favourite bit 🙂  There’s nothing like a brand new human being that reminds you why women all over the world go through all the trouble over and over again to have babies. Even when they grow and have bad days, the good days make it all worth while and yesterday, my visit with them was such a good day 🙂 A very good day.

The original meimei (that’s Chinese for little sister) has given up her title and seems to be happy with it.  She gamely posed with her little sister, talked to her and even sang to her.  Her big brother though wasn’t quite as intrigued, after all, he’s done all this once before 🙂  Although, he was completely distracted with his game, he was still a sweet big brother and planted a few kisses on baby Rachel too.

I can’t wait to show them this video when they’re older 🙂  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy all these times with them.  It’s so true about how times flies and before you know it they’ll be all grown.  So with good days like these, I’ll lap it all up.

Of course until they start acting like the little monkeys they are 🙂  like when I try take a photo of the three of us, they are into a little antic where they put their hands up to cover the lens :p

As you can tell, not one useable picture.  After a couple more tries, I gave up :p  but hey, they aren’t anything like the kids I see on Supernanny, not even close so I’m grateful and not complaining one bit.

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