Best Veggie Laksa

Green Room Cafe has one.  My husband and I have always enjoyed the food there and the ambience helps too.  It’s one of the few places in the Singapore where it doesn’t quite feel like Singapore.  So we are regulars there.

And that’s my favourite, the laksa.  They have a couple of other things on the menu that I like too but 8 out of 10 times I’m there, it’s laksa for me :p  Yes, I can get predictable.  My other favourites are the smoothies 🙂  Totally yum.  Yes yes yes, I know I can make them at home at the fraction of the cost but you have to agree with me that there’s a difference between being served chilled smoothies al fresco and cutting up fruits yourself in your T-shirt and shorts, then working the blender.  So while I do the latter, I sometimes like to pamper myself with the former.  And when I do it’s at the Green Room Cafe 🙂

Why isn’t there a successful Starbucks version for smoothies?  That’s what we need, more people drinking smoothies in the morning than skinny lattes :p  Well, if you ever need company to check out the Green Room Cafe, you know who to call 🙂  Oh yah, their spinach salad … …

… another yummer 🙂

4 thoughts on “Best Veggie Laksa

  1. We have a successful version of Starbucks for smoothies called Boost here. Personally I prefer a global network of Hawker Centre food across all capital cities!

  2. Ooooh yah, Boost Juice!!! They have one in Singapore … they should be in more place and open at 7am 🙂 Good global hawker food would be one I would like too … especially in Europe :p Quick quick, come home for a visit 🙂

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