Looking for the One

This was in my in-box from a dear dear friend and I couldn’t agree more with it:-

If you are not yet married, we pray you will marry a person of integrity who will hold to these high standards all the days of their life. “Integrity has been defined as ‘who you are when no one is looking.’ A person of integrity is convinced that the unrelenting pursuit toward wholeness and godliness is more valuable than fairness. Integrity has nothing to do with how the other person’s behaving. It’s doing what is consistent with the person you want to be regardless of the external environment. And serenity of spirit cannot be achieved until we accept full responsibility for our own actions and feelings rather than letting our spouse’s behavior determine how we behave” (from the book “Authentic Marriages” by Jeff and Lora Helton).

The emphasis is all me because I’ve found that to be what works for me, not only for my marriage but for all my other relationships with my parents, my sister, my friends and even God, as Ghandi so accurately said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  So this is just another reminder for me to keep working on myself and complain less.


Good reminder, just in time for this week because I’m so filled with complains that I’m bursting at the seams :p


Be the change you want to see in the world.