Hello World!! Love Rachel

That’s from my new niece who’s also known as Bubble Girl at the moment.  Apparently it’s common to get some fluid in your lungs when you come into the world through a cesarean birth.  So she’s in a kinda bubble till the fluids clear out.  Here’s Rachel when she was celebrating her first whole 5 minutes of her life.

Such a cutie!!  Looks very much like her big brother.  For now though, she’s the Bubble Girl and I can’t wait for her to be out from NICU so I can cuddle her 🙂   She was actually expected TODAY.  Well, that was the plan, hers was a scheduled birth so we were all expecting to see her Friday, 14 August 2009 but I guess this little one has a mind of her own and wanted to have a say on which day would be her birthday 🙂  So little Miss Rachel Tan decided 2 days early would be good and 12 August 2009 would be the day she says, “Hello!! “

While she spends quiet time on her own, her big brother and sister were stirring up a storm in the hospital.  By the time I got there, they were all excited with their new toys.

With their Daddy, Uncles and Aunts interested in photography, these two munchkins are more than just use to a camera  being pointed at them.  They gamely tried all kinds of poses.  My nephew even took his turn with the camera.

That’s his take on his Daddy as well as me and his sister, with his Porpor in the background.  He even ventured a self portrait.

Not bad 🙂  Sure, I’m a little bias but that’s what aunts are for, right?