There’s a place along One Fullerton that’s not too pretentious and relaxed enough for 30somethings, like me to hang out and when I’m there I always wonder how Singapore will look like in a couple of years.  That’s because Overeasy overlooks the mouth of the Singapore river and when you’re there you see the work going on, building the new integrated resort.  I’ve hung out there a number of times with different groups of friends and everyone seems to like it enough to return.

So last Saturday after Up, I found myself there to catch up with some friends and celebrate one of them turning 33.  Happy Belated Birthday, Shannon!!  That’s also the night I realise that boy cannot sit still.

Anyone knows when the lights are low, you have to be perfectly still to get a clear shot without flash.  I’m the sort that prefers candid shots and try every now and then to catch people kinda just sitting there.  With Shannon I learnt that it is not possible to get a clear shot of him in low light.  Everyone else though weren’t quite as fidgety as him.

If you’re looking for a night to just sit and chill with some friends, I’d recommend Overeasy, not the most economical of places but a lovely spot that’s easy to get to. My tip, request to sit outside, much more pleasant for conversations.

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