Just a notch better than Monsters Inc. so my favourite Pixar film is now Up 🙂  Here’s where a great story is combined with really amazing animation for possibly an Oscar winning animated feature.

Russell, who’s Pixar’s first Asian character is too cute for words.  Ernest and innocent, you can’t help but fall in love with this little chubby boy.  Too cute too boot!!  Perfect balance to the antics of Carl, the senior citizen who is more than meets the eye 🙂

I’ve always had a soft spot for stories about old people and children so you could say, I was sold the minute I saw the trailer.  The movie lived up to all the expectations and more.  I cannot gush enough about this movie.  It’ll move you, make you laugh, excite you and have you actually wishing it was longer.  At least that is how I felt when I left the cinema.

So seriously, if there’s only one thing you’re going to watch for the year, please please please make it Up 🙂