The Year of the Earth Ox

The last time there was a bumper crop of babies being born was 2002, now they’ve all grown and are ready to start Primary one next year.  This year, the year of the Earth Ox is starting to remind me of 2002 with babies popping everywhere and they are mostly girls 🙂  Even my little niece is due next week, August 14.  So over the weekend I caught up with 3 little angles, Kaitlyn, Mishal and Le Qi.

On Saturday, we all went over for a visit to meet the 2 week old Le Qi.  When we arrived, the little sweetheart was sleeping and when she did wake up she didn’t even made a whimper 🙂

The centre pic is Mishal’s big brother, Rayan looking at Le Qi and this little 3 year old had a cute conversation with me 🙂

Me: Rayan, does baby look like your sister?
Rayan: Yes.


Rayan: So tiny.

How cute is that?  This little boy has the most gorgeous smile and here’s proof of it.

And he’s the big brother to the lovely Mishal who didn’t take to Uncle Shu and showed us all the strength of her power lungs 🙂

Isn’t she such a cutie?  Despite her crying, Le Qi’s big brother, Le Le was asleep the whole time I was there so it’ll be next time before I catch up with him.  Then on Sunday, I finally caught up with 6month-old Kaitlyn.  She was born while I was in India.

Born to the always calm Shools and the very funny Mos, this little angel had such a great disposition.  She smiled really easily and created a fuss only when she was hungry and even then it was such a tiny fuss.  So when she was in my lap, I tried to take a pic of the both of us.

With the first photo, I realise holding Kaitlyn and a camera and trying to pose at the same time takes quite an effort.  That explains the pained expression I have.  Then Kaitlyn decides that she’s not really enjoying this self photography technique but like they say, third time’s a charm.

Not as big as the first smile but at least it’s a lesser frown and I’ll take that 🙂  Can’t wait to spend more time with her and Shools!!!

From the wedding to the new babies, I definitely got my baby fix for the week.  Will update next when I visit Tomi and my new niece, Rachel 🙂  Can’t wait *clap clap*

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