The Hangover

Do all bachelor parties have to be filled with debauchery and memory laspes?  Yes, because bachelor parties isn’t  bachelorette parties 🙂  So The Hangover was what I can imagine happening to some friends of mine if one of them decides to get married … heck, they don’t even need an impending wedding to have a night of debauchery and memory lapses.  They actually have had nights like that … actually I think just one, 2005 new year’s eve and I’m always grateful that I’m at the morning after catch up where I hear all about it rather than be in the thick of it.

That’s how I feel about the movie, it’s fun to watch but I’m glad I never have anything like that ever happen to me in real life.  So I did enjoy the movie, perfect for a lazy Sunday evening with good friends.  My honest take is that there’s no need to rush out and catch it.  Although it makes a perfect plane movie, if you spent $10 at the movies, you wouldn’t feel cheated at all.

Actually it makes a perfect date movie, the guys will find it funny and the girls can get warm and fuzzy over Bradley Copper.  Sigh.  That man is quite the hottie.  Wonder what my husband’s thoughts are at growing out his hair?  Ok ok, I digress.  Bradley Cooper was perfect as the guy who is more talk than anything, pretending to be a cool bad boy but really is a sweetheart on the inside.  I loved the scene where his son falls asleep in his arms … … I’m a sucker for Dads that are good with their kids and especially when they look like that.

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