My Dream Sofa Bed

It’s no secret that I’ve been researching and dreaming up how the inside of my new home will look way before even deciding which home it is to buy.  That’s just because flat hunting really is quite the chore, finding that place you’ll call home for the next bit of your life is a real commitment :p  So dreaming up designs is the fun bit for me and keeps me motivated to keep searching for the perfect flat.

The idea for our home was going to be simply minimal type feel but I may change the whole look if I ever hunt down this sofa bed.

I’ve always loved the retro look but I’m just not sure if there’s enough space in our possibly 3room flat for that look.  I actually love that green too!!!  Only if I can hunt down a sofa like that … if not, it’ll be off to Ikea and the minimal look stays :p  One always has to dream though 🙂

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