Bali Masari

We stayed at a lovely resort, which was far away from everything.  It was in the middle of a little kumpung that grew tobacco and rice.  For the uninitiated, that’s a tobacco plantation through the tinted glass of the car.  They harvest them, dry them and then chop them up for sale.  Looks like giant sweet potato plants to me.

So this isn’t a place I’d recommend to those that need to party or shop but it was a place perfect for my husband and I.

It’s a little on the old side but completely clean, which is the most important thing to me.  In a real Balinese village, there was nothing to see around the resort and it was like we stepped back in time.  With a river close by, we chanced upon villagers doing their washing as well as bathing in the river.  Yes siree, not only little children but adults stark naked by the river banks.

Quite pretty, right?  Except I had to angle the camera so you don’t see the junk that they throw at the side :p  Think where we were was maybe at a slightly higher altitude too coz it was always windy and slightly cooler than what we were use to in Singapore.  At night, it was amazingly quiet and the stars that filled the sky was … … it left me speechless.  I’m all relaxed but so ready to go back again :p

Back From Bali

It was truly 4 wonderful days in Bali 🙂  We didn’t do or see much but we did get a lot of relaxing done.  It was the perfect day to come home, all cloudy and threatening to rain.

So how come I’m still not looking forward to going back to work?  Says a lot about what I do :p  Anyway, will update once the unpacking and settling is done.

Off To Bali

There was a split second today I was thinking of changing our Bali vacation to a stay-cation at home.  That just got me rather upset.  It’s insane we live in a world where terrorist do as they please.  I could go on and on about it but I rather not.

My husband and I decided that where we’re putting up is a tad too isolated to interest them and we’ll be a lot more prudent with where we hang out.  If we didn’t go, we’ll be letting them scare us, right?

They have to learn that this has to stop and I’m pretty sure, they can find something much better to do with their time … I think they all grew up without love.  So everyone, take some time out today to tell your little ones how much you love them.

Next stop, Bali 🙂

Platonic Friendships

I guess it’s a perennial question, can boys and girls be just friends?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had boy friends who were just that friends.  Even though I could possibly see them as somewhat attractive, to me they’re just not my type, missing that certain je ne sai quoi that spoke to mine … of course, I’ve had friends who I thought did have that and if they were available, they soon became boyfriends … if not, I would tell them we can’t hang out … to me, that’s not the fundamentals of a healthy friendship.

I’m sure not everyone agrees with me and there are times I agree with them because I’ve had toxic friends who despite me not wanting an unhealthy friendship, wanted their cake and eat it.  Here’s my favourite bit about getting older, you become a lot more comfortable in your skin so much so, you smell a toxic ‘friend’ from a mile away and in your 30something brain, you know it ain’t worth it.  And I’ve had to dump a few.

In my soon-to-be mid-thirties, I’m happy to report that I do have a number of boy friends who I can talk to for hours on end, laugh about the gross-est things, get an objective view about how some men see the world and more than that, enjoy the more boy things some of my girl friends just don’t get, like how well a Transformer toy is made.  These are men I hope, if I ever have sons grow up to be and just like my husband, they all have a good heart 🙂

Hmmm … come to think of it, that pretty much describe my good girl friends too, I’m so blessed to be surrounded with friends that have good hearts 🙂

Over the Weekend

Despite going by rather quickly, I had one of those enjoyable weekends 🙂  My husband is on a deadline, so that leaves us little time to hang out and what time he could spare, was spent checking out more flats.  This time in the Ang Mo Kio area.  Still no luck, nothing that screamed out at us.  So my sister is still stuck with us 🙂

Sunday was a day for catch up as we celebrated the birthday of an incredibly sweet 3-year-old, Little Fairy Aira.

That’s the only picture I managed of the party … after that my battery went flat :p  Yes, Aunty Carl is getting old.  I’m sure her Daddy took heaps of beautiful pics, so I’ll post those up once I get them.  Meanwhile, it never ceases to amaze me how these little ones grow so quick, develop personality of their owns and evolve into little beings.  Didn’t seem so long ago when she was a tiny baby in my arms.

Yes, that’s her in 2006 with little Kaitlyn and her brother Renn.  Both of whom are so grown up too.  Before I know it, they’ll be teenagers!!!  Let’s just hope, they’ll still enjoy hanging out with us old fogies :p

Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2 | Video on

I remember a conversation with a teacher where we were discussing the possibilities of exploring outer space and living on other planets. She told me it would be highly unlikely as it’ll always be cheaper to live in the harshest environment on Earth than building it all in outer space. Can’t argue with that logic but … hey, Man haven’t always been the most logical 😉

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Entourage Season 5

When I first got a hold of Entourage Season 1, I didn’t think I would be quite this enraptured about a group of boys living in Hollywood.  One, I’m usually not too fond when boys get together and egg each other on and two, despite working in the media scene … actually it’s completely because I work in the media scene, if it is one place I rather not be, it is Hollywood.  Yet, Vincent Chase and his friends have managed to hold my interest for all 5 seasons … so much so, I dare say it’s going to be in my list of top 10 TV series for all time.

I guess I’ve always been interested in stories about friendship and knowing how the media industry work, it is kinda entertaining watching the TV series take a mickey out of the very industry that gave birth to it.  Over the 5 seasons, I’ve grown to be attached to the antics of the boys and actually enjoy how the producers get the likes of Martin Scorcese, Gus Vant Sant and even Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phleps to make cameos.

Mark Walberg definitely made good on this 🙂  In truth though, knowing Hollywood, I don’t know how much was actually him and how much of it belongs to a bunch of un-named talents.  My favourite talent from the show though, has to be Jeremy Priven.  I’ve liked him from the days of Ellen where he played her cousin but as the epitome of Hollywood agents, Ari Gold, Jeremy is ass kickin good.  So it was such a real treat to stumble on their shoot while I was LA 2 years ago 🙂  Despite my fan girl moment, I managed to keep my cool :p  He is such a cutey so he can yell at me anytime 🙂

Now that the DVD collection of season 5 is out, I say go get it, everyone.  If for nothing else, to let you in on how ridiculous Hollywood can get.