First Day in Bali

After a short two and a half hours flight, we were in Bali 🙂  That’s what I love about living in the middle of Asia.  Hmmm … that’s probably what some other people think about living in say, Munich and being in the middle of Europe. Anyway, the day we arrived in Bali was a glorious day.

Just perfect for me, sunny and bright.  My husband, on the other hand, was still groggy from getting hardly any sleep the night before because he was finishing work before the trip :p

So while he caught up on sleep during the short flight, I watched The Great Buck Howard, one of those indie films that happened to be produced by Tom Hanks.  Was going to watch Duplicity but it would have been too long for the flight so it was Colin Hanks and John Malkovich instead of Clive Owen and Julia Roberts :p  It’s one of those perfect of flying movies, nice human story and you can never go wrong with John Malkovich.

He stars as a mentalist, one who can read minds and hypnotize, who is a has-been trying to make a come back and his assitant played by Colin Hanks who learns more about life while working for him.  Just nice for the flight and I even squeezed in time to enjoy the sights out of my window.

After we checked in, my husband caught up with more sleep but I was already in the pool working on my tan 🙂  Just thinking about it makes me more relaxed.

Did I tell you I’m already planning for my next break :p

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