Bali Masari

We stayed at a lovely resort, which was far away from everything.  It was in the middle of a little kumpung that grew tobacco and rice.  For the uninitiated, that’s a tobacco plantation through the tinted glass of the car.  They harvest them, dry them and then chop them up for sale.  Looks like giant sweet potato plants to me.

So this isn’t a place I’d recommend to those that need to party or shop but it was a place perfect for my husband and I.

It’s a little on the old side but completely clean, which is the most important thing to me.  In a real Balinese village, there was nothing to see around the resort and it was like we stepped back in time.  With a river close by, we chanced upon villagers doing their washing as well as bathing in the river.  Yes siree, not only little children but adults stark naked by the river banks.

Quite pretty, right?  Except I had to angle the camera so you don’t see the junk that they throw at the side :p  Think where we were was maybe at a slightly higher altitude too coz it was always windy and slightly cooler than what we were use to in Singapore.  At night, it was amazingly quiet and the stars that filled the sky was … … it left me speechless.  I’m all relaxed but so ready to go back again :p

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