Over the Weekend

Despite going by rather quickly, I had one of those enjoyable weekends 🙂  My husband is on a deadline, so that leaves us little time to hang out and what time he could spare, was spent checking out more flats.  This time in the Ang Mo Kio area.  Still no luck, nothing that screamed out at us.  So my sister is still stuck with us 🙂

Sunday was a day for catch up as we celebrated the birthday of an incredibly sweet 3-year-old, Little Fairy Aira.

That’s the only picture I managed of the party … after that my battery went flat :p  Yes, Aunty Carl is getting old.  I’m sure her Daddy took heaps of beautiful pics, so I’ll post those up once I get them.  Meanwhile, it never ceases to amaze me how these little ones grow so quick, develop personality of their owns and evolve into little beings.  Didn’t seem so long ago when she was a tiny baby in my arms.

Yes, that’s her in 2006 with little Kaitlyn and her brother Renn.  Both of whom are so grown up too.  Before I know it, they’ll be teenagers!!!  Let’s just hope, they’ll still enjoy hanging out with us old fogies :p

One thought on “Over the Weekend

  1. OMG! Check them kids out! Many would argue that man’s best invention is the aircon but I say its the camera(+film)!!!!!

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