Entourage Season 5

When I first got a hold of Entourage Season 1, I didn’t think I would be quite this enraptured about a group of boys living in Hollywood.  One, I’m usually not too fond when boys get together and egg each other on and two, despite working in the media scene … actually it’s completely because I work in the media scene, if it is one place I rather not be, it is Hollywood.  Yet, Vincent Chase and his friends have managed to hold my interest for all 5 seasons … so much so, I dare say it’s going to be in my list of top 10 TV series for all time.

I guess I’ve always been interested in stories about friendship and knowing how the media industry work, it is kinda entertaining watching the TV series take a mickey out of the very industry that gave birth to it.  Over the 5 seasons, I’ve grown to be attached to the antics of the boys and actually enjoy how the producers get the likes of Martin Scorcese, Gus Vant Sant and even Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phleps to make cameos.

Mark Walberg definitely made good on this 🙂  In truth though, knowing Hollywood, I don’t know how much was actually him and how much of it belongs to a bunch of un-named talents.  My favourite talent from the show though, has to be Jeremy Priven.  I’ve liked him from the days of Ellen where he played her cousin but as the epitome of Hollywood agents, Ari Gold, Jeremy is ass kickin good.  So it was such a real treat to stumble on their shoot while I was LA 2 years ago 🙂  Despite my fan girl moment, I managed to keep my cool :p  He is such a cutey so he can yell at me anytime 🙂

Now that the DVD collection of season 5 is out, I say go get it, everyone.  If for nothing else, to let you in on how ridiculous Hollywood can get.

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