Heading To Bali

In 2 weeks, my husband and I are heading off for a holiday 🙂  The last time I was in Bali, which incidentally was my first time, I pretty much swore I’d be back.   So when my husband asked if we could go to Bali for his birthday, I was like “Bring IT on!!”

And it’s JUST been confirmed from SQ and the villa that come 18th – 22nd July, we’ll be exploring Bali.  I want to see a really beautiful beach, check out the volcano and mostly hang out with my husband.  Truth be told, we haven’t had a holiday like that.  Sure, there was India but it wasn’t a laze-around-do-nothing-but read-and-talk type holiday.  Also, with family in Canada and Australia, our breaks are usually to the said countries filled with visits and catch-ups.  Then there are the meditation retreat breaks we take to feed our souls.  Bali is to feed the mind :p  So this is somewhat an inaugural holiday for Mr and Mrs MacLaughlan.  However, before my husband gets any funny ideas that Bali is tantamount to a honeymoon, which he has yet to bring to me to, it is not.  Our honeymoon is suppose to be camping in Banff, Canada.

This is a quick break from the doldrums of city life.  And I cannot wait.  Cannot.

Check back in 2 weeks for an updated photo of this taken a year and a half ago 🙂

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