Life and Hope

Daph, my partner-in-crime and I were out for lunch when we received an sms that someone had jumped off the 2nd floor of our office building.  We made some joke about what would they be trying to achieve from doing that and went off to finish our after lunch coffee without much of a thought.

We came back to a regular CSI scene though.  There was a typo in the sms.  It was the 22nd floor not the 2nd -_-

So while I woke up this morning, completely happy that it was a Friday.  He probably didn’t even sleep a wink last night and had lost all hope.

It was a sad day.  No, I don’t know him, what he did or how he even looked but as I looked down the window of my 16th floor office, a dull ache consumed my heart as the standard issue police tent covering him came into focus.  No one deserves the sense of hopelessness, the despair.  I hope wherever he is, he’s happier than he was this morning and again, I’m reminded how insignificant my issues are.

Happy hope filled weekend everyone.

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