Day 16 of 16

It’s the end of the parasite!!!  At least, I’m hoping it is.  My doctor’s appointment isn’t until Thursday and if it’s still in me, I’ll be christening it Pete :p  So for my last day of the diet, I had brown rice puffs for breakfast.  I’m still enjoying it and will probably have it a lot still.  Lunch was rice and steamed veggies (eggplant and zucchini).

I was really unmotivated for dinner … that and all I could think about was noodles or bread … so I just threw some rice into left over soup stock for a surprisingly good porridge 🙂

Coriander and chili padi always gives anything bland the kick it needs.  Can’t wait to make this with soy sauce.  Just one more sleep 🙂

Day 15 of 16

I don’t eat tough stuff … except for nuts maybe and I haven’t that for the last 15 days so when I woke up with a chipped molar … I realised the grinding in my sleep is slowly but surely wearing down my teeth :p  So breakfast was over soaked rice puffs, which made me realise the cold rice milk affected my tooth more than the chewing of it :p  Lunch was my successful bee hoon, veggie adapt from my Gran.  Still thinking about it with ketchup.

When I came home, I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner … didn’t have any particular craving except toast, tomatoes and noodles … of course not in that specific combination, I asked my husband what he felt like eating and guess what?  He wants curry again 🙂  He hardly ever requests any of my cooking :p  So curry it was again 🙂  Especially for Kiapkiap, here’s the recipe:-

Garlic, about 5 cloves
Ginger, about the size of my thumb (that’s a pretty average size thumb)
Small onions, about 4
2 tablespoon of curry power
Coconut milk, about half a cup … this is pretty much to personal preference
Salt, to taste
1 eggplant
1 carrot
1 cauliflower and in Kiapkiap’s case 1 broccoli
About 8 lady’s fingers
About 2 cups of water


  • Chop up the garlic, onion and ginger, you might like to blend it all together too
  • Heat about a teaspoon of oil
  • Fry the garlic, onion and ginger once your whole kitchen smells all yummy fry in the curry powder
  • Add in the chopped veggies
  • Add some water
  • Bring to boil to cook the veggies then simmer till preferred level of cooked veggies i.e. depends on how much you like your veggies to be cooked
  • On simmer, add the coconut milk
  • Once everything is all mixed in, it’s all ready to be served

And two nights in a row, we had yummy curry for dinner … now I want to find a good veggie green curry recipe.  Tomorrow is the last day!!!!

Day 14 of 16

I can actually see the finishing line … and am actually thinking about what to eat on day 17 :p A sandwich for sure, I’ve never craved so much for bread!!  For today, I actually had my failed bee hoon for breakfast … don’t waste 🙂  It’s not so bad though I wouldn’t make it again.

For lunch, I made pasta salad … I can’t wait to make a tomato based sauce :p  So yes, I’m trying to deal with the recurring dishes that when dinner came around, I was determined to make something with a kick.  That only means CURRY!!!

This was my BEST curry yet.  I finally figured out the right mix and understand my Grannies and my Mummy when they say cooking is all about FEELING.  It was so yummilicious, my husband finished it all!!  Just as a point of reference, he hardly ever does that with my curries, just my Mummy’s curries 🙂  So day 14 came to a lovely end.  I’ll be making this again for sure, think it’s even good enough for my friends!!!

Day 13 of 16

Never thought I’d come this far, my aunt told me she’s pretty amazed I could be this disciplined … well, it’s easy, having a weak immune system that couldn’t fight the simplest virus is motivation enough to make sure this little pet parasite makes his way to parasite heaven where he belongs 🙂  So it was brown rice puffs for breakfast.  Lunch is a favourite of mine when I’m not on this diet.  So it’s steamed eggplant, broccoli and carrots, lightly stir fried with pasta without sun dried tomatoes though :p

Still yummy enough to get me through another day of no sugar and no soy sauce.  Can’t wait to make it again with sun dried tomatoes O_0

Dinner was an experiment that I probably won’t try again :p  It wasn’t bad bad, it was just strange … it was a mix of spices I don’t normally do for bee hoon but I thought what the heck.  It was alright but not good enough.

Thankfully, my sister found this snack rice crackers that is pretty yummy.  It’s simply rice crackers, cayenne pepper and sea salt.  So that kinda tied me over a somewhat failed dinner 🙂  3 more days!!!

Day 12 of 16

Today will be known as the leftover day on my 16day diet. Breakfast was bee hoon from yesterday. Steamed up so it was piping hot and filled me right up till lunch time. All I could think about though was ketchup. Yes, growing up I ate ketchup with my Granny’s bee hoon specialty. My veggie bee hoon is a veggie adaptation of my Granny’s so yes, I was thinking some ketchup would give my breakfast a kick I’m craving … bet that’s the parasite talking again :p

Again I’ll be out for dinner so I had to get both lunch and dinner ready in 70minutes!! So leftover curry came to the rescue 🙂 and I went safe with a pasta salad for dinner again :p

That’s my bento for the day.

Day 11 of 16

Nothing new for breakfast and lunch.  In the morning, it was brown rice and millet puffs.  In the afternoon, it was bee hoon.  So when dinner time came around, I found inspiration to get adventurous and made my mix veggie curry.  The recipe called for me to blend the curry base but I was too hungry to do that and I actually found that I do like the little bits of spices 🙂  Served with brown rice, it was another yummy success.

Day 10 of 16

I now know I won’t ever be able to make it on Survivor, just 10 days of food that lack variety, I’m already climbing up the walls.  Ok ok, that’s a small exaggeration :p but seriously, I can’t imagine if it was 10 days of no food, let alone variety, I can honestly say I’d go more than a little batty :p

With that, I had brown rice and millet puffs for breakfast again.  Despite my opening, it still is something I can eat daily.  I think it’s the rice milk … while it has no sugar, it has a semblance of sweetness 🙂  I’m actually enjoying the no sugar bit of this diet.  So much so, I’m going to keep my sugar levels low after the 16days.

What I’m really itching for is bread :p  This whole thing has made me empathise with my dear little friend Renn who is allergic to wheat.  I’m determined to find a decent wheat-less bread recipe and make him a loaf this year!!!  Poor little guy loves bread too.  Well, hopefully bread made with rice flour will make a good alternative :p

Meanwhile, I got adventurous with lunch.  I steamed some eggplants and lady’s fingers.  Gently fried some ginger, cumin seeds, curry leaves and turmeric. Mixed them all together with rice for a new taste 🙂

It was pretty yummy and I had to sneak it to a somewhat new-ish fast food place in Vivo, Barcelos.  If you’re familiar with the flame grilled chicken chain, Nandos, it’s kinda like that but more fast food-ish.  My friends were just ok with the food and reckon it was too expensive for the setting and type of food.  Some good news, it had vegetarian options on the menu, which wasn’t wholly enticing but if my friends ever check it out again, I’ll try it.  Till then, I was happy with my new experiment 🙂 will try it again this weekend but this time with green chillies, which I reckon will be yummier.

Dinner was pasta salad as I caught up with Nis and Gen at Adam Road … yes, for a fleeting moment I was wishing for a vegetarian murtakbah and teh but after the moment was gone, I was actually quite happy with my salad 🙂

I wonder if this diet has changed my taste buds.  My husband reckons it would, and I won’t like eating overly processed stuff.  I’m not sure … … for now, I’m craving chocolates but not any ole’ overly processed fake chocolate bar, I want one of those divinely expensive pralines that cost like S$4 a piece 🙂  6 more days!!!