State of Play

These are the days of rapid action sequences and special effects so it’s easy to see why a film like State of Play can be easily forgotten.  I enjoyed it though.  It’s one of those conspiracy type storyline that makes me wish I was in the military or home affairs so I can actually get involved in some cloak and dagger thing.

Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck plays a journalist and a congressman who share a history of sleeping with the same woman and sharing a room in college.  Friends who now have to rely or make use of each other to save their respective careers or the American people.  My head just couldn’t get around how Russell Crowe looks more like Ben Affleck’s college professor than roomate.

Other than that, I completely enjoyed Helen Mirren’s take of the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Russell’s character works for.  I love it when she swears :p  So if you want something to catch before Transformers 2, catch this.

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