Day 14 of 16

I can actually see the finishing line … and am actually thinking about what to eat on day 17 :p A sandwich for sure, I’ve never craved so much for bread!!  For today, I actually had my failed bee hoon for breakfast … don’t waste 🙂  It’s not so bad though I wouldn’t make it again.

For lunch, I made pasta salad … I can’t wait to make a tomato based sauce :p  So yes, I’m trying to deal with the recurring dishes that when dinner came around, I was determined to make something with a kick.  That only means CURRY!!!

This was my BEST curry yet.  I finally figured out the right mix and understand my Grannies and my Mummy when they say cooking is all about FEELING.  It was so yummilicious, my husband finished it all!!  Just as a point of reference, he hardly ever does that with my curries, just my Mummy’s curries 🙂  So day 14 came to a lovely end.  I’ll be making this again for sure, think it’s even good enough for my friends!!!

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