Day 8 of 16

Halfway there!!! *doing the happy dance* While the diet has actually been good for my energy level, I am so looking forward to a slice of watermelon or papaya or a simple squeeze of lemon in my veggie smoothie :p Actually, I think the first thing I’ll eat is a slice of bread 🙂

So counting down to day 16, today I had a mix of millet and brown rice puff for breakfast. Hmm … not too bad but I still prefer just millet puffs. Lunch was a pasta salad. Quick to make when I don’t have much time in the morning to cook … yes, I overslept slightly today :p Dinner was curry from yesterday with steamed radish.

Here’s where the lack of variety starts to bug me … but you know, it’s all mental, if I could eat anything I wanted, I could eat the same thing everyday. I’m also starting to feel the withdrawal from the sugar … not intense irritation but there is … kinda like PMSing … yes, I do feel bad for my husband :p So for anyone who’s going try this diet, you’ll start to find it tough halfway through it.

Strangely, I feel a little bad for the parasite … starving to death isn’t the best way to go … yah, my husband reckons I have attachment issues. In all fairness, he’s been in me for like the last 3 months or so … he’s almost like a pet now :p Ok ok, I have issues.

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