Day 5 of 16

About one third into the 16days and I’m slowly feeling the effects of the diet.  I was amazingly achy today, was going to run but when I woke up … … let’s just say the flesh was too too weak.  My nutritionist said this is normal, it’s just the toxins finding their way out.  That’s why I should actually get out of bed to run and make sure I get my 2litres of water in everyday.  So hopefully I’ll find the will to run this weekend :p

Meanwhile, breakfast is the usual quick millet puffs.  I’m really enjoying it.  Since my husband and I were meeting some friends for dinner.  I had to make both lunch and dinner before heading out for the day.  It was quite chaotic in the kitchen as I had strategise how to efficiently cook both lunch and dinner in about 85mins :p

Lunch was a simple fried rice with steamed zucchini and eggplants 🙂  I’m actually enjoying my lunches, I just wish they were quicker to make :p  For dinner, I decided to make  pasta salad … need to balance cooked veggies with raw ones.

Topped with fresh basil it was yummy.  I’m totally getting use to this but I’m already thinking of a list of fruits to eat on day 17 :p

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