Till Death Do Us Part

While I was fighting my bouts of viral fever in the last couple of weeks, I also celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my marriage. Exactly one week ago today, little past 12am on the 12th May 2009, my parents wished us both a shared lifetime of happiness and my husband looks at me and asks why it feels longer than 2 years? Well, we’ve only been legally married for 2 years but we’ve been together for 7 🙂

In all honesty, the past 2 years have been much easier than the first 5. Jaded and disillusioned about relationships in general was what best described me when I first met my husband, but God had other plans for me. Having done the unhealthy relationships and completely zapped from constantly losing my whole being to another individual, I was a little harder on my husband/then boyfriend than I would normally be.

My husband was patient, very patient and kept his humour (probably the key reason why we work out at all) through out the turbulent times :p he and the rest of my unhealthy relationships helped me realise more important than being in love, is to be in like. And I do like my husband.

The 2 years have been easier than the first 5 especially after I got over myself, my unrealistic cynical impressions of 21st century relationships, learnt to be grateful and that’s why I say God had other plans for me when I prayed hard for a single life. That said, I’m not delusional, I realise marriage is hard, extremely hard work. I’m reminded all the time when my dearest and nearest battle relationship woes, go through separation and divorce and no matter what anyone says, I know this with my heart that no one, no one gets married thinking that it’ll end some day.

It’s only been 2 years and in the larger scheme of things, I’ve got a lot more to learn. It’ll take more than like to get through a lifetime. For now, like gets me through my own selfish desires and impatient wants 🙂

Thank you dear husband of mine for being so easy to like!!