‘Cept For The Freedom To Be Rude …

… and any pain in general, I’m all for freedom. Why? Well, I’m one of the very very fortunate few who have freedom. The freedom to choices, to opportunities, to dreams, to what my little heart dares to believe in. Yes, I grew up in a home where I was encouraged, maybe even challenged a little to think, to explore, to open my mind to what the world has to offer.

So when there are those whose freedom have been compromised, I’m subtly reminded to be grateful for mine. Whether it’s Tutsi in Rwanda, students in Tiananmen, monks in Myanmar, girls in fundamentalist communities or gays at home, they are all reminders of how good I have it.

Just maybe 30 years ago, my freedom to marry a white guy would have been less liberal … so I don’t take it for granted that the country I call home welcomes my husband with open arms so much so when he passes the Singapore border, he says that he’s home.

So today in support of freedom, especially the freedom to love and be loved, my Mummy and I were at the inaugural Pink Dot event. This is the only picture I managed to get before my camera battery died on me :p

pink dot with Mummy
Here’s my way of fussing, to be the change I want to see in the world, to be more loving. Nothing better than a balmy late afternoon gathering of people who all believe in love and showing it in a fun and pain free manner.

My Mummy, Cherry and Shell were around the 7 o’clock of the little Pink Dot that shows how much we’ve grown from the days of a sleepy fishing village.

P/S: I’m now inspired to start a Green Dot group to support the love for animals and our environment 🙂  Anyone up to support vegetarianism and saving the environment and make a Green Dot next April 22, 2010?

5 thoughts on “‘Cept For The Freedom To Be Rude …

  1. no lah, it’s not eco-friendly to fly back for that 😛

    we must make ‘green dot’ in many different places then join into a line 😀 singapore – KL – bkk – hanoi – taipei – tokyo.. hahaha

  2. ooohhhh …. maybe we can do one in Tokyo and one here 🙂 Eh, take care of your immune system, ok? Heard H1N1 is in Tokyo.

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