More Catching Up

My favourite thing about going away is coming home. So yes, I’ve been enjoying myself with catching up on what’s been happening while I was away. Better yet when there are little people involved 🙂

It’s amazing how fast they grow. Brother and sister team are now going to school together more articulate than I remember … they made me realise how glad I am to have only be gone for 2 months. I can’t imagine any longer and what else I would have missed in their growing up 🙂 It was good to listen to how Mummy Lim is dealing with her babies going to school, I’d probably be a bigger mess. Daddy Lim as usual is the cool Dad ready to be there for his kids but at the same time ready to let them find themselves. Godmum Char is still overworked … she’s someone who I’d hire in a heartbeat. Hope this Easter her boss wakes up and realise how essential she is. And Uncle Ming, the sweetie entertaining the kids. So in a nutshell, I had a lot of fun sipping tea and chomping on toast. More than that, I enjoy when preschoolers take hold of my camera and let us into the world they see.

Here’s little Renn’s view of the world.

And it looks like little Renn has photography in his genes. Daddy Lim took a lot of photos that day too and here’s my favourite from the day.

The Chengs had to give tea time a miss coz little Kait was hit with a bug … I seem be nursing one myself right now.  So I can’t wait for the Popiah Party this Easter weekend where my little friends will all be one place again 🙂  Can’t wait for more catch ups.

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