Catching Up

It’s only been 3 weeks since I came home from India. Strangely it feels like much much longer. I came from the serene India and was thrown the deep end of fast paced Singapore. Work was like I never even left at all. With the restructuring, it’s normal to feel out of sorts a little but I’m starting to feel really lost … like I’m not sure where everything is going. So thank goodness there is so much more to life than work 🙂

2009 sure is a year of change. For me and so many around me. Well, I thought 2009 will see me, HM, Resh, Zack and Mich back in the same country. Since HM was heading back home from Jakarta but but but in the 2 months that I was away, Mich made plans and is now in Perth, Australia 🙂 How cool is that? So I have an extra visit to do when I head back to Perth for my cousin’s wedding in November.

All 5 of us managed to get together when Mich did a whirl wind visit back a couple of weeks ago. So if anyone is looking for a quiet place to hang out, try the pool side cafe at Pan Pac … though the food there was … … Just that … … but we managed to get a good picture of ourselves.

With friends, it’s always the company that makes the difference. It doesn’t matter where we are as long as it’s done with the right crowd.  Mich, we’ll miss you. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep you updated on the nonsense we’re up to on this blog.

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