Winter’s Tale

Last Thursday, Daph and I went to catch Ethan Hawke in the flesh. Yes, we paid $160 for circle 2 seating to watch one of Shakespeare’s less famous plays. Would I have paid that much if Ethan wasn’t in it? Probably not and it would have been my loss and here’s why.

Rebecca Hall was really likable as the wrongly accused Hermione. The rest of this very strong ensemble cast brought to live one of my preferred Shakespeare plays. Mr Hawke, while was entertaining, wasn’t original. I felt like he watched one too many Johnny Depp movies to play the rouge, Autolycus.

For me, this is the play that inspired the Bollywood genre. It has everything, drama, romance, comedy, music, action and Mr Mendes did a very decent job bringing it all together. Well, decent only because I couldn’t have done it better :p Jokes aside though, I love the choices he made on set design, lighting … if I had one thing I wasn’t 100% sure about, it was the different accents … I understand it’s to show the difference between Sicilia and Bohemia but other than the British accent spouting Shakespeare, every other accents is too disconcerting for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and am really glad we went … made me realise I miss watching plays 🙂 So anyone up for The Importance of Being Ernest? Who doesn’t like Oscar Wilde 🙂

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