India Retrospective: Part 3 – Arrival

As soon as I got on the plane, I was so tired from packing and clearing up at work, I fell right asleep. When we arrived in Delhi, I was all ready to take on India and all her inefficiencies but I was pleasantly surprised. In the line to clear immigration, my husband and I met a lovely young couple from Vancouver, Canada where my husband’s from so I think it was more novel for him than me. We were all in line for about 20minutes, which if you ask me, wasn’t bad. The immigration officer was really nice too. I mean I’ve stood in immigration lines in the US for a much longer time and dealt with much ruder immigration officers … tough to tell which is the developed country, huh?

Anyway, our bags were already taken off the carousel and waiting for us to pick them up. I thought that only happens at the Changi International Airport. I was still in denial and waiting for something to go wrong. It was no hassle finding the free transfer to the domestic terminal and waited maybe about 8minutes for the bus. It was still dark as we boarded the bus, since I could see squat, I promptly fell asleep for what felt like a long time. My husband told me it was only about 15minutes.

It was when we got off the bus that it felt like I’ve arrived in India but even then, it was not unlike Little India here on a Sunday. So I navigated through the crowd and cars like a pro … I think even my husband was slightly impressed with me. Again no hassle we cleared security and check-in in about 2ominutes.

Then when we had to go through security at the gates, I realised I was truly in India. My husband I were in line waiting and when it was my turn, the guard pointed to another counter and said, “Woman.” I was slightly confused and saw a couple of women waiting to go into a little room.  In India, women are frisked in privacy 😛

After that, we had about 2hours to waste as we waited for our next flight to Chandigarh.  Delhi’s domestic airport is like a step back into time.  Not unlike a terminal in Penang or Brunei actually.  I was even surprise to find a mobile phone charging station, which worked out well for me as my phone was slowly but surely dying.  Even the toilet was completely decent.  I was starting to think everyone who advised me didn’t go to the same India as I did.  As soon as I finished the thought, I heard the announcement that our flight to Chandigarh will be delayed for 30minutes.  Ah!  India has decided to show me her true colours but the plane arrived in earlier and was only 15minutes late.  Not so bad for my first visit to India, huh?

Ok, here’s the tragic update about my photos.  As you can tell there are no pictures in this post.  As I was downloading the pictures onto my computer, my computer hangs, I was totally calm and restarted the computer only to find all my photos disappeared!!!  They weren’t on my computer and they weren’t on my memory stick 😦  So much for modern technology … …

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