India Retrospective: Part 1 – Departure

I have to say I’m really quite blessed. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this experience and the most important one was before I even left the country. When it comes to family and friends, I have to say I’ve been blessed with the very best 🙂

The month before I left, I was rushing to clear work and pack up my entire house, which I had called home for the last 6 years. So needless to say, I was a tad worried when my husband and I arrived at T2 of Changi International Airport with about 42% done. We came really close to postponing the trip. Thanks to my sister who jumped in and offered to help move the rest … and a bigger thanks to my parents who actually did it all for me :p My Mummy even unpacked for me and my husband.  So we managed to get on our plane and enjoy our mission without a worry.

And my friends who on their own made me realise why I’m friends with them to begin with 🙂 Thanks for all your see-you-in-2-months lunches, dinners, suppers, coffees and even the sweet sweet send off at the airport!! It’s time for catch up now 🙂

Everyone’s been asking me what have I gain from being in India and serving for 2 months.  As cliche as this sounds, I gained a whole lot more than I gave.  I wish I could put it in words but when I try, it seems not to do the whole experience justice.  I just know at some subtle intangible subconscious level I’ve been moved, and in a very good way 🙂  So like I said I’ve got the best for family and friends, now I’m back and much more appreciative of them 🙂  Life sure has it’s up and downs … right now, I’m definitely enjoying an up 🙂

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