India Retrospective: Part 2 – Gaining Weight

When I told people I was going to India, everyone told me to take care and that I was going to loose weight. Somehow I had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen. Well, you see I’m a big fan of Indian cuisine and when people around me fall ill from food poisoning, I’m usually the last one standing. So although I was hoping everyone else was right, it turns out my instinct knew me better :p I now know I CAN eat chapatti everyday and yes, I did put on weight. Now I’m just hoping to lose it in time for the Js wedding in June July :p

To be honest though, I didn’t eat Indian Indian, where I was staying turned out to be a little international house. My husband and I shared the last 2 months with the sweetest bunch of people from around the world. There’s someone from Austria, the US, Ecuador, Australia, Canada and of course, India. So even though there was chapatti at every meal, there were salads, noodles and bake goodies 🙂 Probably the best vegan baked goodies I’ve had ever!! My new little friend Laura, from Sacramento, California should seriously consider opening a vegan bakery 😉 She’s like a baking angel.

So yes, unlike most other people, I came home from India chubbier than usual. Also, I had to don the traditional Salwa Kameez (that’s what we call a Punjabi suit in Singapore) when I was there. It’s loose fitting and completely covers everything so that just meant I couldn’t tell how much weight I was putting on :p

That’s me in Chandigarh. Now everyone can understand why I can’t tell how much weight I was slowly but surely putting on :p

So when I came home, it was reality check time!! I now have on a pair of shorts that was distinctly loose before I left and it’s now distinctly fitting. Since I’m not the dieting sort … I get grumpy when I’m hungry :p I have to get back to my running routine, which reminds me, where are my new running sneakers?

India Retrospective: Part 1 – Departure

I have to say I’m really quite blessed. I’ve learnt quite a bit from this experience and the most important one was before I even left the country. When it comes to family and friends, I have to say I’ve been blessed with the very best 🙂

The month before I left, I was rushing to clear work and pack up my entire house, which I had called home for the last 6 years. So needless to say, I was a tad worried when my husband and I arrived at T2 of Changi International Airport with about 42% done. We came really close to postponing the trip. Thanks to my sister who jumped in and offered to help move the rest … and a bigger thanks to my parents who actually did it all for me :p My Mummy even unpacked for me and my husband.  So we managed to get on our plane and enjoy our mission without a worry.

And my friends who on their own made me realise why I’m friends with them to begin with 🙂 Thanks for all your see-you-in-2-months lunches, dinners, suppers, coffees and even the sweet sweet send off at the airport!! It’s time for catch up now 🙂

Everyone’s been asking me what have I gain from being in India and serving for 2 months.  As cliche as this sounds, I gained a whole lot more than I gave.  I wish I could put it in words but when I try, it seems not to do the whole experience justice.  I just know at some subtle intangible subconscious level I’ve been moved, and in a very good way 🙂  So like I said I’ve got the best for family and friends, now I’m back and much more appreciative of them 🙂  Life sure has it’s up and downs … right now, I’m definitely enjoying an up 🙂