Namaste From Nawan Nagar

Am in town today so dropping by an internet cafe where the connection is faster and better to make a quick update post.  No pictures coz there isn’t anything I can connect my camera to the computer :p

India’s been good so far. The village I’m in is really conservative so I’m in a Punjabi suit all the time, got to keep my head covered and all 🙂 Most of the villagers don’t even look me in the face!!  That’s how conservative they are.  I haven’t met another Chinese since I arrived either so needless to say, I stick out.  Really gives you a different perspective. The villagers don’t speak any English at all soI spent most of the time with the other foreigners. So much so I don’t feel like I’m in India at all :p

I’m surviving India though.  I’m loving the food, learning to sleep without a heater, yes, it’s totally possible and basically enjoying myself thoroughly 🙂

Till my next update, take care y’all!!!

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