Jules Is Home

That’s why I like Christmas time too coz friends who live abroad come home for their annual visits!! Welcome home Jujules!!!

This time she brought a friend along with her, Yasuko who’s now already back in Tokyo and this is a somewhat delayed post. After chicken rice, laksa, satay, goreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters), what will a good Singaporean recommend? ROTI PRATA!!

Needless to say, we over ordered, I use to think it was a problem my family suffers from.  Now, I think it’s a Singaporean thing.  Our eyes are way way bigger than our tummies.

So there we were at Casaurina Curries, totally yummy prata and mee goreng, it was made better because it was raining outside.  Nothing like a cold rainy weather for good teh and curry … yummmmmm

Yasuko enjoyed her 2 weeks in Singapore so much that she’s all ready to move here!!  Compared to Japan, especially Tokyo, I think we’re not so stressful … can you imagine that?  With the weather going to be rainy for the next couple of weeks, anyone else up for prata and teh?

More Birthdays

Today, my sister and my MIL celebrate their birthdays.  I’m sending out my Happy Birthday thoughts to Kelowna, Canada where my MIL calls home and to Bintan, Indonesia where my sister’s friends have taken her to for a chill out birthday weekend.

And we all know what that means for me 🙂  Puppysitting time.

Think she’s missing my sister … that or I took her for a longer walk than she’s normally use to :p

December Family Birthdays

It’s family birthday galore for me in December. It starts today with my Daddy and my Gee Pek. Yes, they’re born exactly two years apart on December 11. Then it’s my little sister and my MIL on the December 12, they’re 29 years apart. MY FIL’s birthday is on Christmas day and my cousin, Aaron has his on Boxing Day. December is a happy happy month, I say 🙂

People say I look like my Daddy. I guess in some ways I do but more than just looks, my favourite gene that I’m glad to have inherited from my Daddy is the ability to have fun and never take life too seriously 🙂 Like he told me in a recent conversation, “Some people say life is a journey to a destination, I say, life is like a trip … a vacation … there’s always good times and ever so often a little hard times (in my Dad’s case, life is especially hard when there isn’t any Chinese food around) and at the end of it all, you go home.”

I like that 🙂  Now I just have to learn to pack light 😉

So on this day, I’d like to wish my Daddy and my Gee Pek a very happy birthday!!

It’s Christmas Time

The decorations are up and the crazy shopping has started. Compared to last year this time, I’m in a way better position 🙂 coz the Christmas cards are ready to be sent out and I’m actually 70% done with my Christmas shopping *round of applause* That’s actually one of my favourite-est thing about Christmas – imagining what friends and family would want and the going to get it.

Here’s one of the things where my husband and I differ. He’s from the school of thought that we should get presents that are good for the receiver (just from our point-of-view though), remember that boring aunt or uncle that got you a book about being a good Catholic. No offence to my uncles and aunts who did that, I still love you all very much. Though, I have to be honest and say I can’t remember finishing those books :p My husband is kinda like that, with suggestions like books on eating well, spiritual well-being, recycling or about paying it forward concepts, organic vegetable baskets, natural beauty products … you get the idea. I, on the other hand, am from the school of thought that tries to figure what the person would like and tracking it down for them … even if it isn’t a thing for me. So Christmas shopping actually is a year round affair for me, I try and listen to what friends and family would like and come October I start shopping.

Some people may agree with my husband, heck, most of my friends would really like to try and eat better or do more for the environment but don’t know how so if they were friends with my husband, they’d get ideas how to do all that.

However, they’re my family and friends, so they’ll just have to deal with the fact that I don’t buy presents like that, hope I was paying attention and get them the presents they like 🙂

That argument worked fine before we were married. The issue now though is that we are married and that means technically his family and friends are mine and vice versa. So who gets to choose what presents to buy? *ding ding* New rule in the MacLaughlan-Tan household – whomever buys the present first gets to choose based on that individual’s present buying principle.

So from my husband and me, we hope you like what you get for Christmas because whoever bought it, it came from our hearts with lots of loving wishes for a blessed merry Christmas to everyone!!

Post 10km

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling good, really good … good enough to run another 10km.  I know I don’t get it myself but but but I now understand why people say it’s addictive.  I’m not saying, I’m signing up for any other runs.  Just that right now, this very second I’m just grateful I’m feeling high enough to keep up with my jaunts around the estate and my milling about MacRitchie Park every weekend.

I’m not sure how long this will last but it’s great to wake up early, catch the sunrise and break a sweat before heading out for the day.  If only every week could start like that 🙂

This week, despite being a short one, is going to be one of those long weeks with the Asian Television Forum.  So I’ll hold on to whatever endorphins that’s left over from Sunday’s run and hope it’ll, at least, breeze right by 🙂


Yes, I did it and I didn’t have to use the $12 I stuffed in my pocket, just in case I wanted to bail from the run 🙂 10km in an hour and 40minutes … that’s pretty ok by me, told my husband I’d probably take 2hours so needless to say he thought I did pretty good 🙂

The question now is will I do it again? In all honesty I don’t know. Never say never, I say. Although, I completely enjoyed the running through Robinson Road and on the ECP with a view of the killer Singapore skyline, I’ve realised that running on asphalt really isn’t quite my thing. It is completely different from the trails of MacRitchie, where the shades of the trees and the being surrounded by nature gives to your body rather than takes. In fact, I think I did a lot less jogging than I normally do when I’m in the trails but I was completely spent after the run. C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. Think it was the lot less shade, the lots and lots more people and the lots less oxygen available that took more energy out of me. I did have fun though 🙂 especially the after run. Thanks to peer pressure!!

Coz we all know we wouldn’t do half the things we do if it weren’t for our friends 😉 At this juncture, I have to take my hats off to my marathon running friends, Minn and Danzel who did the full marathon. Congrats guys, while never say never is my thing, I’m pretty darn sure a full marathon isn’t in my destiny 🙂 When I was doing my 10km, huffing and puffing along the Singapore Flyer, all I was thinking was, “How in the world is Minn and Dan doing the 42? That’s bordering on being sadistic.” You guys are pretty darn amazing in my running books … … and just a tad more incredible than you young boys finishing the 42km was that 50something Uncle who I saw finish the marathon in less than 5hours. Watching him jog into the finish in under 5hours was inspirational, I even caught myself thinking, “If he can do it, maybe one day I can.” Peer pressure and the endorphins from exercise will make you do anything, we’ll see how I feel next week 😉

Thanks to all my friends who sent encouraging and good luck messages before the run and the congrats ones after. It was all I needed to even consider maybe, just maybe doing it again :p

More than that, this post is dedicated to my toys who got together to line themselves along my stairs to cheer me along before I left the house (didn’t manage to get pics of that) and I came home to this:-

I’ll run another 10km just to see them get together like this again 🙂

P/S: The big pics are especially for you, Miss Chan 😉

One More Day

I’m going to bed early tonight to wake up real early tomorrow and test my body like it hasn’t been tested before. I have friends doing the full marathon tomorrow and my 10km is nothing to them but that 10km is going to be my marathon. Yes yes, the green route (that’s mine!!) looks tiny compared to both the blue routes but when I actually checked it out on my street directory, I started to panic … just a little.

But after getting my little running pack (Thank you Ms Chan!!!), I’m also a little excited, to be jogging and probably seeing the city like I’ve never seen it before. How often do you get a chance to run through the central business district and by the Singapore river? So no matter how long I take to complete the 10km tomorrow, I’m going to soak in the sights, sounds and have a fun Sunday morning with my friends. I can’t believe how many of my friends doing this too and we’ll be there with something like 50,000 other people 🙂

So after tomorrow, when I’m no longer a Run virgin, I’ll decide if I’ll ever do it again :p I’ve been enjoying my weekly jogging and hoping that that after the run tomorrow, I’ll actually keep at it … but like I said I don’t know if I’ll ever do another 10km again. We’ll see what happens and how I feel tomorrow afternoon 😉