So Long 2008

Yesterday in the car, a couple of friends and I were chatting about how the New Year’s eve is just another day. In many ways, it is and like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day … even Easter … it’s the commercial world that makes it bigger than it really is so that the consumers we all are have yet another reason to spend money. Cynical? To some, I can see why they’d think I’m a jaded 30something who’s forgotten how to have fun.

In my little world, I don’t need an excuse to have fun. That’s why I like getting older … you do get a little wiser 😉 You get more comfortable in your own skin, you don’t do things just to get a reaction, you know it’s ok to stay home and enjoy some quiet time with love ones … in fact, you crave it so that’s what I’m hoping to do tonight. So young or old, I hope you do exactly what you want to do tonight 🙂

For whatever it’s worth, I’m looking forward to 2009, with changes on the home front, work front and even a stint in India, I have a hunch it’s not going to be a boring one. No siree, not at all. All I can say in the next couple of weeks, I have to pack up the house, tie up work stuff and pack for 2months in India. If nothing else, 2009 might just be a busy one. Here’s the warmest wishes that yours be filled with all your wishes coming true too 🙂

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