Post 10km

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling good, really good … good enough to run another 10km.  I know I don’t get it myself but but but I now understand why people say it’s addictive.  I’m not saying, I’m signing up for any other runs.  Just that right now, this very second I’m just grateful I’m feeling high enough to keep up with my jaunts around the estate and my milling about MacRitchie Park every weekend.

I’m not sure how long this will last but it’s great to wake up early, catch the sunrise and break a sweat before heading out for the day.  If only every week could start like that 🙂

This week, despite being a short one, is going to be one of those long weeks with the Asian Television Forum.  So I’ll hold on to whatever endorphins that’s left over from Sunday’s run and hope it’ll, at least, breeze right by 🙂

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