Yes, I did it and I didn’t have to use the $12 I stuffed in my pocket, just in case I wanted to bail from the run 🙂 10km in an hour and 40minutes … that’s pretty ok by me, told my husband I’d probably take 2hours so needless to say he thought I did pretty good 🙂

The question now is will I do it again? In all honesty I don’t know. Never say never, I say. Although, I completely enjoyed the running through Robinson Road and on the ECP with a view of the killer Singapore skyline, I’ve realised that running on asphalt really isn’t quite my thing. It is completely different from the trails of MacRitchie, where the shades of the trees and the being surrounded by nature gives to your body rather than takes. In fact, I think I did a lot less jogging than I normally do when I’m in the trails but I was completely spent after the run. C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. Think it was the lot less shade, the lots and lots more people and the lots less oxygen available that took more energy out of me. I did have fun though 🙂 especially the after run. Thanks to peer pressure!!

Coz we all know we wouldn’t do half the things we do if it weren’t for our friends 😉 At this juncture, I have to take my hats off to my marathon running friends, Minn and Danzel who did the full marathon. Congrats guys, while never say never is my thing, I’m pretty darn sure a full marathon isn’t in my destiny 🙂 When I was doing my 10km, huffing and puffing along the Singapore Flyer, all I was thinking was, “How in the world is Minn and Dan doing the 42? That’s bordering on being sadistic.” You guys are pretty darn amazing in my running books … … and just a tad more incredible than you young boys finishing the 42km was that 50something Uncle who I saw finish the marathon in less than 5hours. Watching him jog into the finish in under 5hours was inspirational, I even caught myself thinking, “If he can do it, maybe one day I can.” Peer pressure and the endorphins from exercise will make you do anything, we’ll see how I feel next week 😉

Thanks to all my friends who sent encouraging and good luck messages before the run and the congrats ones after. It was all I needed to even consider maybe, just maybe doing it again :p

More than that, this post is dedicated to my toys who got together to line themselves along my stairs to cheer me along before I left the house (didn’t manage to get pics of that) and I came home to this:-

I’ll run another 10km just to see them get together like this again 🙂

P/S: The big pics are especially for you, Miss Chan 😉

7 thoughts on “10km

  1. My Little Sis> Hahaha 🙂 yes, he makes me laugh ALL the time!! And he said it wasn’t him and haven’t you heard of Toy Story 😉

  2. Pinky> Yah, he’s funny!! So how? Is this going to be like an annual thing for us? We should find a run in Bali and take our holiday together with a run 🙂

  3. Minn> Aiyoh, now I got pressure … abit scared :p Will take my cue from your Mrs and the rest 🙂 They can get me to do pretty much anything :p

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