Half Way There

This time next week, I’ll be home already 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m hanging out at our stand with not much to do, it is really much quieter this year. Wonder if it’s the credit crunch that’s making the buyers stay at home.  Don’t people watch films even in the down time?  I am, however, being entertained by the security staff who has been endlessly flirting with each other since 9am this morning … for the record it’s 10:50am right now.

I do feel bad for them though. It’s pretty boring standing around where the only real threat is someone trying to sneak in without a badge.  If I were them, I’d probably be up to more mischief than just innocent flirting :p

But I am glad for the quiet moments to clear emails and paper work that have stacked up in the last 3 weeks.  I don’t feel that headless this week.  It’s also the beautiful weather 🙂  Nothing like sunshine and a cool breeze to put you in the right mood.

With rumours of restructuring and changes at work, this may be my last AFM, and just in time too.  I realise I’m about to outgrow Santa Monica, just as I had timely outgrown Cannes … maybe, just maybe I won’t even have to travel much any more 😛  As you can tell, I’m still on an optimistic high.  Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

3 thoughts on “Half Way There

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