Just What I Needed

Being in an optimistic environment has a certain effect on you.  I’m walking around LA smiling coz everyone else is smiling and so hopeful now that Obama is the new president elect.  And this couldn’t be more true than being in one of the happiest place in the world, nope not Disneyland but the Walt Disney Studios.  Even though we were there for meetings, just walking on the grounds I felt like breaking into song.  I mean, how can you not feel happy when you’re walking along Mickey Avenue.

And what would I give to work in an office where you get to walk past The Seven Dwarfs on a daily basis?

There was even a little hummingbird fleeting around happily as we enjoyed our lattes before our meetings.  Where I work, we just hear the cawing of crows :p  While waiting for the elevators, I was standing next to the original multiplane camera used for Snow White and The Seven Drawfs!!

But I’m sure if I asked around, the people there probably take it all for granted and complain about the same things my friends and I do.  Maybe I should have asked anyway … and offered them a job swap.  Wishful thinking?  Like I say, it’s all optimistic here in LA 🙂

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