There is Hope Yet

Congratulations America!! And I take back most of the things I’ve said when George W. Bush was re-elected 🙂 Like other history changing moments, I won’t forget what I was doing when I first heard the news. As I mention in my last post, it is quite a cool time to be in the US and so I’ll always remember being in my pyjamas in the Doubletree Guest Suites Santa Monica’s amazing bed, cuddled with my laptop, clearing email and preparing filenotes … so needless to say I’m too terribly distracted to be working

I’m watching the events, not unlike I would be if I was at home (albeit from my desk at work) , on TV and am moved by the gracious McCain, filled with hope by the very charismatic Obama … I have to remind myself this is real unlike the last season of The West Wing. Sure, the bells and whistles of media tend to distract you but it truly is an evolution of human race when people make an effort to choose despite/in spite of the colour of our skins. Now I hope I live long enough to see women have the exact same opportunity.

And oh yah, I guess I don’t have any supernatural powers so I’m going back to my emails and filenotes … yuck … …

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