Novena Square

Met SP a couple of weekends ago, we were going to check out Macbooks, which are my latest desire :p (that’s a whole other post) so we met for brunch at Novena Square. Why? Coz I thought it’d be a good place to explore since I hardly ever go there and explore we did. SP likened me to a tortoise coming down from a mountain when I realised that Velocity was a couple floors and not just an extension for a gym. And Square 2, what about that? I’ve heard about it but when I go to Novena Square it’s usually just to grab something from Cold Storage on the way home.

So SP educated me on what I’ve missed out in Square 2. Since the both of us lives close, we’ll probably be meeting here more often than not. We picked a new Hong Kong Cafe type place to have brunch.

It was ok. There were a couple of veggie stuff and SP was quite happy with the dim sum option. A little to chichi for a dim sum place in Square 2 is my honest take so we’ll probably be checking something else out the next time we’re there.

All I can say is Singapore is really becoming a city of MALLS. Everywhere you go there’s a mall and they keep getting bigger and bigger. Do we honestly need more malls? It may be a tad hypocritical of me to say since I do like shopping but I’m not really sure we need that many malls. My secret wish is that we had more parks but they don’t really keep the economy running, do they?

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