Burn After Reading

What a smart script!! And without spoiling anything for anyone, the movie is my biggest fear come true about how MY office may be run too :p The Coen brothers take the spy genre into another level, which is often what they do anyway.

I simply love the randomness of their stories. There is a level of hopelessness that makes it sad and yet at the same time a humour, which sort of makes it kinda like real life. You never truly know what you’re going to get, kooky idiots are everywhere and when you step back from it all, it’s always funny. Well, to me at least, that’s my life in my office. Deluded characters who actually think the world surrounds them and in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprise if they ever did some of the things that happens in the film. Thankfully, my life outside the office isn’t quite as detrimental and guns aren’t allowed in Singapore 😉

It isn’t a movie for everyone though, there’s a kind of black humour that people find rude and although, I don’t think this movie is rude, I can see how some people might reckon it is.  Black or white and no grey, I say.  Completely for matured audiences who has an ability to discern … like the tagline says “Intelligence is relative” so is taste.

To the Coen brothers and their impeccable cast, I wonder if this movie could be adapted for the stage?

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