Doing the 10km

Thanks everyone for their encouragement!!  And like Resh said our game plan is to complete not to compete.  That’s all I’m focused on right now.  Although, I was up to 25minutes this week, for some strange reason I simply managed 18minutes this morning and was feeling all beat after that.  I’m keeping my fingers cross that I’ll be able to build the stamina up and maybe even start enjoying enough to keep running jogging after December 7.

Over lunch yesterday my friend and I were discussing running and he said the toughest bit for him was to deciding to get up and run.  For me the toughest is the first 10minutes.  It’s crazy how I feel completely deflated after about 4minutes of jogging, my legs start to feel tight and my lungs are wheezy.  But after 10minutes, and I’ve found my pace, I actually remember why I like running 🙂  Ideas come to me, I see scenes in my head and I feel like writing and directing again 🙂

Heck, maybe this jogging will FINALLY see me making a short film again 😉

Meanwhile, I’m getting all jittery about 11km number 2 tomorrow :p

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