The Latest PS Cafe

A couple of weeks back, I brought Miss J to the new PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance for her birthday 🙂  The company was completely enjoyable, the location was great and the service still impeccable but what happened to my veggie options? I was only left with a house salad and the usual fat fries. You got to love the fries there 🙂 but if anyone who works at PS is reading this, please bring the mushroom pasta back and I wouldn’t mind a few other veggie options too :p

With a slice of cake going at about S$12, I’m not sure if PS Cafe is going to be on my regular go-to list any more.  It’ll just have to be one of those places that I’ll go to when I’m feeling all tai-tai … which isn’t saying much since tai-taidom isn’t quite my thing :p

One thought on “The Latest PS Cafe

  1. Thanks! I had a wonderful time at PS. 🙂

    The tuna was amazing. But I understand what you mean by changing the menu… like at Oomphatico, another one of our favs, I still can’t believe the took out the so-called “sushi” (which really was a pilaf). Don’t understand why they always take the best stuff out of the menu!

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