Dress Down Fridays

When you work in the corporate world (BTW I’m not even sure what that means, I’m figuring it’s being in an office like me), you live for “Dress down Fridays”.  I don’t work in a bank or a legal office so I don’t have to wear suits.  Thank goodness for that!!  While my office isn’t as stuffy as that, it sure isn’t the start up production house where I lived my 20s.  Then it was T-shirts and jeans on Mondays and Fridays were flipflops and shorts.

Now I don’t get to wear flipflops any more and I start Monday mornings knowing which T-shirt and jeans I’m going to wear on Friday.  Simple things that gets us through a work week :p  So you can say I was a little pissed that the last two Fridays, my “dress down” were stolen from me.  We had some Australian guests in town and they decided to drop in on us on Friday!!!

Of all days, Fridays.  Sigh.  So what do I do when my plans for a comfy Threadless T and my favourite jeans, which I bought for from Taipei at an amazing S$40 deal, are taken from me? I had to put on a dress. A Cue dress and sssssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone, both Fridays saw the same white dress too.  That’s what I do when I have to do a little “dress up”, I pull out a simple tailored dress that from my favourite line from Australia.

Nope, I don’t look like a model in their dresses but they make pretty tailored dresses that are comfortable enough for a stolen “dress down Friday”.  I especially like the pockets they always put in their skirts and dresses.

And yes, the white dress worn twice in 2 weeks is on the way to the dry cleaners now so that next time you see me in it, you don’t have to wonder 🙂

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