Mamma Mia

I’m still singing in my head and humming out loud.  I had so much fun with the movie, I could watch it again 🙂  My hats off to Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan for singing their own tracks and making it all look so fun!!  Sure it was cheesey, kinda like my sister and me dancing in our rooms and that’s what I’d call FUN 🙂  Nothing like an ABBA song to get you on your feet and prancing around at home.  ‘Cept if you’re my husband, he’s wondering who stole his wife and replaced her with a partially tone deaf fifth wheel of ABBA :p

Thanks Shu for recommending Run Lola Run but the Mamma Mia soundtrack will have to do for tomorrow’s run until I get my hands on Run Lola Run 😉  Till then, I want to hear everyone, together now … honey, honey … how he thrills me .. aha, honey honey … honey, honey … nearly kills me … honey, honey … i’ve heard about him before … i wanted to know some more … …

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